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Why unblocked version of Happy Wheels is better

Have you tried this new game Happy Wheels yet? I just discovered it and I can't stop playing it, it's so funny and hilarious and all the characters in it are just top kek.

Game kind of belongs to the racing category and it involves iconic funny characters, plus overcoming obstacles and going through some scenarios. Some maps require you to do specific objectives in order to continue racing, even though it is a dark humor game it has very interesting gameplay.

Those of you who have creative talent there is map builder available for you, you can use this feature and create your own little world, with your rules and with your imagination. If you will manage to create decent map it will become very popular and fame is yours.

Well enough talking, time for some action, visit official blog of Unblocked Happy Wheels game and play it online for free, come back here and leave your comments, let us know what you think about this game.

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