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Stick RPG 2 – so what is new?


Let’s begin with those who are new to this game back in 2001 when Xgen studios came up with a brilliant idea in which it was named Stick RPG. The objective of the game is that after the first Stick RPG game, you fall into another world jokingly referred to as “Paper thin City” and the only way to escape it is to collect 4D objects.

You need to choose a path in which to play this game and these different paths have their own story line and game plays. The first path you can take is the good guy. Choosing to be the good guy means that you have to get a job either a rock star, police man, doctor, pro skateboarder and many other odd jobs. The other path you can take is being a bad guy, just like in Basketballstars. Choosing to be a bad guy means that your jobs will be leaning more on drugs, hitman, hacker and pimping but harshest of them all is killing kittens (way too harsh for me).

Stick RPG 2


To make your way around the landscape of Stick RPG2 exploring or for missions you basically use the W A S D keys or the arrow keys to walk and to run you hold the Shift button

Game play

To have a conversation with other characters in the game all you have to do is click them with the mouse. By talking with others you often get advice, missions or just killing off the loneliness. Mission success depends on your stats. To gain more stats you can engage in one or all of the mini games offered within the game of aarp games 10x10, they are boxing, gambling, and shoot-outs. Be careful not to spend too much time wondering about without returning to your home to sleep or trust me you won’t like it. A typical day in the game is divided into morning, afternoon, evening, and night.Different locations have their own distinct missions depending with path you took and they may offer the 4D objects which we said earlier are to be collected for your return to the “real world”. Some of the weapons you can use in the game are a baseball bat, a sword, sledge hammer, pistols, automatic rifles.


Whether you are in it for the fun and looking for a reliable game to keep you entertained for days on end and I would highly recommend that you play this fantastic game which was beautifully crafted by Xgen studios. Big double thumbs up for me.

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